Tax Sale Properties in Melancthon, Ontario

The Township of Melancthon was Incorporated on January 1, 1853 and is a rural community located in the northwest corner of Dufferin County. The Township is located north and west of the Town of Shelburne. Arterial Roads are County Road 124, Highway 10 and Highway 89. The Township encompasses approximately 31,264 hectares and has a road network of approximately 400 kilometers. Within the Township there are three Hamlets – Horning’s Mills, Corbetton and Riverview. A well-known characteristic of the Township is the unique manner in which it was originally surveyed. The main occupation in the Township is farming. The growing and marketing of potatoes is a major industry. We also have several On Farm Businesses consisting of various manufacturing shops. The Township of Melancthon was the first municipality to approve and have constructed, the largest wind farm in Ontario with 45 wind turbines. Melancthon Township is now home to 167 wind turbines.

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