Tax Sale Property in Red Lake, Ontario

ROLL: 60 41 440 002 07900 0000  >  PIN: 42009-0670

  • Status: Inactive
  • Sale Type: Public Tender
  • Tax sale date: August 04, 2021
  • Release date: July 10, 2021
  • Province: Ontario
  • Municipality: Red Lake
  • Address:
  • ROLL: 60 41 440 002 07900 0000
  • PIN: 42009-0670
  • Property size:
  • Zoning:
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Minimum Bid

$34,758.12  CAD

Assessed Value

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  • Property Unique ID: 9Ak9Ze4k
  • Published: July 10, 2021

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Legal Description

Roll No. 60 41 440 002 07900 0000; 27 MacIntosh St., Cochenour; PIN 42009-0670 (LT); Pcl 4778 Sec DPF SRO; LT 60 PL M587 excepting and reserving unto Cochenour Willans Gold Mines Limited, Wilmar Mines Limited and Annco Mines Limited, and its assigns, all mining rights, mines and minerals whether solid, liquid or gaseous already found or which may hereafter be found to exist within, upon or under the said lands, with full liberty of ingress, egress and regress at all times and generally to do all other acts and things necessary or proper for working and obtaining the said mines and minerals; Red Lake; File No. 18-08 According to the last returned assessment roll, the assessed value of the land is $139,000 Minimum Tender Amount: $34,758.12



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