Tax Sale Property in Perry, Ontario

ROLL: 49 14 000 002 42700 0000  >  PIN: 52163-0130

  • Status: Inactive
  • Sale Type: Public Tender
  • Tax sale date: February 27, 2020
  • Release date: February 01, 2020
  • Province: Ontario
  • Municipality: Perry
  • Address:
  • ROLL: 49 14 000 002 42700 0000
  • PIN: 52163-0130
  • Property size:
  • Zoning:
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$11,697.44  CAD

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  • Property Unique ID: 7NYqRzNM
  • Published: February 02, 2020

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Legal Description

Roll No. 49 14 000 002 42700 0000; 363 Station Rd., Emsdale; FIRSTLY: PIN 52163-0130(LT); Parcel 4624 Section SS; Firstly: Part Lot 17 Concession 8 Perry; Secondly: Part Block A Plan M28 as in LT10702 except LT11288, LT12924, except Parts 1- 3 Plan 42R10462; excepting LT21081; Perry; SECONDLY: PIN 52163-0129(LT); Parcel 3376 Section SS; Block A Plan M28; Part Lot 17 Concession 8 Perry, commencing at Ely corner Lot 18 Plan M 28. Thence SEly along production of line between Lots 17 & 18, 75 ft. to a point. Thence SWly parallel with Edgar St to the point where the production of the SWly boundary of Lot 18 if produced SEly would strike the same. Thence NWly along said production to the SW angle of Lot 18. Thence along Ely boundary of Lot 18 to the place of beginning; excepting ROW of the Trunk Rd; Perry; THIRDLY: PIN 52163-0128(LT); Parcel 13001 Section SS; Lots 16-18 Plan M28; Perry; FOURTHLY: PIN 52163-0127(LT); Parcel 24518 Section SS; Lot 19 Plan M28; Perry; FIFTHLY: PIN 52163-0125(LT); Parcel 1913 Section SS; Part Lot 17 Concession 8 Perry as in LT6281; Perry; SIXTHLY: PIN 52163-0124(LT); Parcel 1793 Section SS; Part Lot 17 Concession 8 Perry as in LT5844; Perry; File No. 18-02



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