Tax Sale Properties in Gillies, Ontario

The community of Gillies is dynamic and well positioned for success in the global economy, through collaborative encouragement and support of entrepreneurship and business development, and the provision of an excellent quality of life for its citizens.

Gillies Township offers many benefits as a potential location for business investment. The Township and the surrounding area are home to skilled trades people and a steady supply of post-secondary graduates. Close to the geographic centre of Canada and the US border, and accessible by rail, air, the Trans-Canada Highway and the Lake Superior shipping lanes, Gillies Township presents a great opportunity for investors and has been identified as a prime location for the manufacturing of value-added wood products.

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Treasurer Information

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  • Phone 807-475-3185
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    Located at the side of the Whitefish Valley School R.R. #1, 1092 Hwy. 595, Kakabeka Falls, Ontario P0T 1W0