Tax Sale Properties in Conmee, Ontario

Conmee Township is located in Northwestern Ontario, Canada. It is a rural township with rolling hills, only 30 minutes from Thunder Bay International Airport, and strategically located close to the Trans Canada Highway. Here, many rural homes are still affordable and often come with more than 20 acres of land to as much as 320 acres.

Many residents work in the Thunder Bay area, where Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Regional Hospital and many other specialized businesses in the medical field create more employment in the service sector as ever before.

Our population is getting younger in the last 10 years! Many young families have chosen to raise their children in our township, with Kakabeka Falls Public School not too far away. Kakabeka Falls also features a provincial park, post office, a full size supermarket and some other stores, churches, restaurants and gas stations. Most Conmee residents live only 10 minutes away from this friendly town.

Source: Conmee

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